"I'm sure this isn't true (since women have been giving birth for a number of years), but I do not think I could have made it through my daughter's birth without Jamie (or my husband and best friend). The birth did not go according to plan due to complications that developed in early labor and I was in an inordinate amount of pain for a long time without dilation progress. Jamie's comfort techniques helped soothe this pain over the course of many hours. She stood by us through the entire labor. Jamie was also very helpful by asking smart questions to the doctors and hospital staff--questions my husband and I were too exhausted/in pain to remember to ask. The day we got back home from the hospital, we were confused about breastfeeding and Jamie came over to assist and reassure us. This visit was separate from our post-natal meeting that occurred a few days after that. I cannot recommend Jamie more highly to guide any woman through her birth."  —Caitlin C, Brooklyn

"Jamie played a very important part in the birth of our son. My husband and I had an amazing experience with her. Our plan was to have a natural childbirth. Natural meaning, a vaginal, intervention-less and drug free childbirth. It all worked out as planned which is a hard thing to do in a hospital setting. I don't think it would've played out that way if we didn’t have her there to guide us through everything. My hubby and I wanted for him to be very involved in coaching me through the labor and she totally understood that and was able to help when and where needed so that my husband felt confident and comfortable during our labor and birth. She helped with counter pressure and techniques while I was laboring when my husband got tired or needed a break. When we were at the hospital she explained everything that was happening and would remind us of our goals. This is a kind of support that you don't necessarily think of needing, but trust me it’s something that you can’t live without in this situation.  The birth of a baby was something that only happens once for a lot of people and I would’ve regretted not having another partner, especially Jamie as apart of our team that day." Greer S., Brooklyn

"No matter what type of birth you want, it makes sense to hire a doula to see that vision through. Jamie made sure I asked my doctor the right questions to ensure the type of birth experience I was looking for. And when the day came, she came to my home, kept me at ease, determined when it was best to go to the hospital and was a calm and patient presence in labor & delivery. She stepped in when a nurse wasn't doing her job (this person seemingly refused to clean the birthing table) and worked with my husband to ask the doctor for timelines and feedback. She took on a motherly presence (watchful & protective) and utilized a myriad of techniques to help me with labor pains. Without Jamie, the hospital experience may have felt cold and impersonal but she made it one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. As a bonus, she's a fantastic lactation consultant (i've needed her help numerous times). She's an amazing doula & someone I now consider part of the family."  Christine, Manhattan

"I unfortunately had a difficult 3 day labor ending up in an emergency c-section. My stitches then opened up and became infected and I was home alone with a newborn (no partner/no family nearby). Jamie was a comforting, healing presence throughout this difficult time.  I'm so glad that I went with someone as experienced and knowledgeable as she is - plus she's just a lovely woman to be around. She was a great advocate for me when things got tough and also so helpful with relaxation and positive perspectives. I really appreciate her work - and highly recommend her as a doula." Laura W. , Brooklyn

"My daughter was posterior as she came out, so my labor was particularly long - 43 hours, of which Jamie was there for 19 - and difficult. Jamie was the calming and stable presence that I needed as things became incredibly intense, especially since I had opted to forgo medication. The positions she suggested to ease pain, encourage regularity in my contractions, and to help me rest were invaluable, and I am pretty sure she massaged my lower back for at least 10 hours over the course of labor. I really do not think I could have gone through all that pain and uncertainty, especially as a first-time mom, without Jamie. Every step of the way as I was ready to freak out because I thought something was wrong, Jamie was supportive and assured me that what I was going through was completely normal, which helped me calm my mind and steel myself for the next level of intensity. At the same time, she was never intrusive or judgmental, and she had a great sense of when to switch off and just be in the background in order to conserve her own energy for the long haul. My husband also loved her - Jamie helped him feel like their roles in the birth were complementary and he never felt useless. I highly recommend Jamie and her services!" Christina F, Brooklyn

"My fiance recently underwent abdominal surgery, and afterwards had a lot of pain in her neck and shoulders. She was unable to leave the apartment, but I was able to find Kip who did house calls. He brought all of his own equipment (full table, towels, music, etc.), which was great. He was very calm and thorough, carefully positioning her and working around the fact that she couldn't lie on her stomach. Afterwards she felt significantly better, and got her first full night of sleep. Another plus was that she didn't feel sore in the next day- he found the right amount of pressure to relieve her pain without bruising her. Both my fiance and I now use him as our regular massage therapist, especially because he is available evenings after a tiring day's work. We found his rates to be competitive to other professional massage places in our neighborhood (Williamsburg), even after including a small travel fee. Would definitely recommend him."  Jason L. Brooklyn

"Kip is the only LMT I've seen more than once in NYC. Not only do I walk out feeling six inches taller, but he was able to relieve joint pain that I've had in my knees for years.The way Kip practices massage is beyond a relaxing way to treat yourself, it's preventative medicine." Ava S. Manhattan

"I've been to Kip several times now for massage and I can't say enough good things about him!  He is accommodating, caring, knowledgable and has the ability to work out knots most others can't.  I fight a lot of tension in my neck/shoulders and I always leave feeling so much relief!  On top of that, he is a great person!  I was in a lot of pain and he went out of his way on a day he doesn't typically work to help me out.  I would absolutely recommend- I'd give him 10 stars if I could! " Ashley R, Manhattan