The story behind our Mama Liberty

When Kip and I decided to join forces under one umbrella, we decided to start with a whole new name and a sparkly new website. I've been supporting families as the Urban Doula for the past 8 years. It was a name I chose because of my love affair with living in the city.  And who personifies New York more than Lady Liberty? Living in Red Hook, I am fortunate enough to have a great view of her just around the corner.  When Kip came up with the idea for the illiustration, I said: "Yes! Perfect!" What better symbol of the freedom to birth than the great beacon liberty herself? At the root of it all, that is what being a doula and childbirth educator is all about. It's about helping families find their way to have their babies. Our Ms. Liberty lovingly cradles her baby all the while still standing as a shining example for all to see.  I want to spread the message that the intrepid inviduals who are choosing parenthood in this city are just as important as the bankers on Wall Street. (In fact, many of them are the bankers on Wall Street.) Parents of New York City - We salute you!

About the artist:  I can't think of a better artist to create our illustration than spunky, native New Yorker Gabrielle Napolitano.  I have known Gabrielle since our own children were babies. She was recently described as "800 watts in a 50 watt package". I couldn't agree more. She is a talented illustrator, web marketer and all around force of nature. I consider myself fortunate to call her my friend.